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Teejae DesignsMaybe you’re not an artist. How can you start to think about graphic design?

  • Consider your message. What’s most important? That should be the focus of the piece. Maybe write out a chart listing points you’re trying to convey in order of importance.
  • Consider your brand’s values. What do you stand for? How do you want to make your customers feel? A down-home, country kitchen brand wouldn’t look like Apple, but it might have checkered tablecloths, warm colors, and a friendly tone to its ad copy. You can make a mood board using Pinterest—or even go analog and cut out pictures from magazines to paste up on a board! Finding and remaining true to your company’s voice will help ensure your message and look stay on point.
  • Use your own experience as a consumer! When you see ads that you like, ask yourself why. Same goes for ads you don’t like. Articulating your likes/dislikes in various forms of advertising will make you both a more informed consumer, and a savvier business owner!